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The studio

Olivier Julia’s workshop is located in the Basse Corrèze, in a lovely countryside surrounded by hillocks and old houses, a few miles from Brive la Gaillarde and the Château du Saillant, famous for its summer music concerts. You will have more than 100m² space to work in. Hotels, camping and bed and breakfast are available nearby.


On the first floor, a great exhibition room enables to admire Olivier Julia’s art pieces. A conference and reception room, an old barn - 130m² - is intended for groups or large exhibitions.

- Preciousmetals
- Pieces of furniture
- Sculpture
- Firepainting

Hammering metals

Hammering is mostly used on copper, silver and gold, but can also be applied on brass, iron or pewter.


Traditional silversmithing is applied to precious metals. Same techniques as hammering ..
The creation
Metal, as well as any other material, offers the artist a vast creative field, The technical problems due ...
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